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Congress is voting this week on dangerous legislation to "Fast Track" secret trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) that threaten free speech, innovation, and online privacy. Decisions that impact the future of the Internet should NEVER be made in secret. Contact your Representatives before it's too late!

We will submit this petition to Congress on your behalf. Fight for the Future will email you with campaign updates.

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Extra Reading

Fast Track would be a nightmare for Internet users everywhere — here are a few articles about the worst parts. Fast Track and the TPP would:

There are a lot of other reasons groups oppose the TPP beyond its impact on the free and open Internet. You can find out more information about those reasons at

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#InternetVote Leaderboards

These sites are driving the most emails and calls to lawmakers. Want to join their ranks, as a hero? Get the code for your site. Points are assigned from how much traffic you send to Internet Vote, but you can get extra credit for miscellaneous acts of heroism that you tell us about.

Internet users:
Spread the word

Twitter is one of our most powerful platforms for making sure decision makers know we’re paying attention. Join our campaign on Twitter and help keep the Internet free of censorship.

Then, share the Internet Vote with your networks. The more people who know about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the harder it is for Congress to Fast Track it. Share this page now and help break the secrecy — let everyone know that you’re part of the Internet Vote against Fast Track!

Watch the Video

Want to better understand the Trans-Pacific Partnership? Watch this short video about the dirtiest deal you've never heard of.

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Site owners:
Get the code

There’s a bunch of different ways for websites to participate. The best way is to run this modal. The runner up is to run one of these two alerts.

All you need to do is copy the code below the modal onto your website, blog, or tumblr right before your closing </BODY> tag.

Modal: Embed this code on your website, blog, or tumblr to show your visitors a one-time action modal! Put the code right before your closing </BODY> tag. (More info)

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Apps: do a
push notification

If you have a mobile app and are willing to send your users a push notification about the Internet Vote, get in touch with us.

Your users will love you for it and appreciate being able to easily take action to stop a secret deal that would censor the net. Tell them that you want them to have a say in decisions that affect the Internet, and link them to

Say you're in.

Are you participating? Tell us so we can list you, announce it to the world, and invite others to join. We’ll soon be announcing which sites are in. Then, help us spread the word about the campaign by tweeting something.

You're our
only hope.

We need to be as big and visible as possible to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership — that’s the only way we can win this fight. We all need to get as many people in our audiences, readerships, and communities motivated to do something. We can make this powerfully epic, but only if you help. Companies need to be the frontrunners, leaders, and heroes on this because we’ve seen time and time again with SOPA, Reset The Net, and net neutrality that it’s the key ingredient to raising the bar and making sure everyone goes big.

Time is short — Congress has already introduced a bill to Fast Track the TPP, and it's moving quickly. Which means we need to act now.

We realize it’s a big ask, but this is the kind of bad legislation that only comes along once every 10 or 20 years. The TPP has pieces of every bad Internet policy we’ve fought against, and if it passes now we’ll be kicking ourselves for decades, fighting uphill battle after uphill battle on copyright reform, whistleblower protections, and so much more. Doing the most we can right now is the only rational step to protecting the open Internet.