The FCC just voted to end net neutrality—breaking the fundamental principle of the open Internet—but Congress can use the "Congressional Review Act" to overrule the FCC. To get them to do it, "Break the Internet" on your site, with your profile picture, on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, reddit, Tumblr, Youtube or in whatever wild creative way you can to get your audience to contact Congress. That’s how we win. Are you in?

or Write Congress Now Write Congress Now


Net neutrality affects everyone who uses the Internet. This protest is for all of us. Here’s a big list of creative ways to “Break the Internet” for the 48 hours before the FCC vote. Go wild and Tweet every 10 minutes today, change your job on LinkedIn to “Defending Net Neutrality” or say you’re “Married to the Open Internet” on Facebook. Do whatever you can to get *everyone’s* attention and drive phone calls to Congress. If you run a website or blog, go here.

You can change your profile picture…

Use the image below or Click here.

#StopTheFCC profile pic

You can join with Instagram…

Use these materials to post a story, or post these graphics frequently until the vote.

Change your featured website to

You can join with Snapchat…

Save this photo and upload it to your Snapchat story.

You can join with Facebook…

“Break the Internet” and get everyone’s attention by changing your “Relationship Status.” Get “Married” (to the free and open Internet). Share the status and then immediately add a comment sending people to take action at

a) Go to “About” section of your Facebook page and choose “Family and Relationships” in the left sidebar. Add a relationship status and choose "Married" and hit “Save Changes”.


b) From the top right of the post click on "edit life event". Change the Title to "Free and Open Internet" or "Net Neutrality".


c) Share it and add a comment to the post that says: "I'm married to the free and open Internet! Go to to help defend net neutrality. Change your relationship status to get everyone’s attention. Get involved at!"


You can join with Tumblr…

Just follow these step-by-step instructions to add a "Contact Congress" widget to your Tumblr.

You can join with LinkedIn…

Add a “new job” position to your profile called “Defending Net Neutrality at”—this will trigger a notification to your network and get more people to take action before the vote. Here’s how:

1. Make sure your settings are set to: “notify people when your profile changes”. Go to the upper right hand corner, choose settings and go to the Privacy tab. Make sure you choose yes on “Sharing profile edits”.


2. Go to your profile and choose the pen to edit. And, add a new position:


3. Here’s some text you can add:

“The FCC is voting to end net neutrality on Dec. 14th. Congress can still stop the vote, but only if we make them. Go to to #StoptheFCC and defend net neutrality before it's too late.

Then, join me in "breaking the Internet" by adding a new job position to your LinkedIn profile too and tell your network how to #stopthefcc:”


You can join with Reddit…

Let’s do another community takeover! Everyone post links to and -- get wild and creative.

If you’re a mod, check this thread with CSS you can use to change your theme and “break” your subreddit.

You can join the protest with your site…

You can display a prominent alert on your site that shows the world what the web will look like without net neutrality, and asks your visitors to call Congress. Click here for a demo, grab the code on GitHub, or check out these instructions for Tumblr. None of these will actually block, slow, or paywall your site. But, they will let your users contact their representatives in Congress without having to leave your page. They appear once per user per day and users can easily click away.

Just add this line of code to your site's header:

Glitch Countdown Modal Preview Slow Modal Preview Money Modal Preview Stop Modal Preview

Or to go epic and be a hero to the Internet, you can completely turn your site red. Here's an example from Reddit and you can get the code on Github. (Visitors can still scroll down to get to your site, but c'mon, this is really epic.)


You can use these banners and images too…

We are just weeks away from an FCC vote tokill net neutrality. Only Congress can stop it. We are just weeks away from an FCC vote tokill net neutrality. Only Congress can stop it. We are just weeks away from an FCC vote tokill net neutrality. Only Congress can stop it.

You can even participate on YouTube and Vimeo with this video bumper.

We made a short video reel that explains why net neutrality matters, and how Internet users can tell the FCC and Congress to protect the open web at all costs through Add this reel to your online creations starting now. Tell your viewers about the day of action on YouTube, Vimeo, or wherever else you put your videos!

There are square, vertical, and horizontal versions of the bumper for you to download here.

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